Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No, I'm not dead, but I am feeling a little bloggy...

Hello followers! Hmmmm, thought I died right? Me too. But I didn't. *Whew* That's a relief. Although, the last few months have not been entirely pleasurable. I'll try to catch you up and yet not bore you to death whilst at the same time avoiding a novel-esque blog post.
Challenge........ accepted!

So, I bet you're probably wondering: "If she wasn't dead, where the hell has she been?!" right? Well this little blogger has been doing a whole lot of......wait for it.......job hunting. Oh yes, its a thrilling experience, let me tell you. Countless applications, multiple interviews and yet, I am STILL unemployed. It's ubber frustrating and with every passing day the panhandlers down the street look like they have it made. They make their own hours, they get to travel, they get to interact with people daily, they get paid in cash AND food and they don't have to answer to anyone. I mean, I haven't created an actual cardboard sign of my own yet, but I can't lie and say the design ideas haven't crossed my mind in fleeting thought. (I was thinking of using glitter, ya know, for pizazz). Anyway, I know that I will get a job. It's just a matter of time. Until then it's open season in the job market and I'm a determined hunter (camouflage and all).

It's true that things haven't quite gone how I'd hoped they would, but I believe they are happening just as they should. I'm guessing it's because MY plan wasn't quite what HIS plan was. Ultimately, HE wins (He ALWAYS wins somehow), and some things that I was hoping to accomplish may have to be postponed. Not cancelled, just postponed.

Dating Update: I deleted my online dating profile. It may try it out again in a few months, but I just couldn't tolerate the level of stupidity held by a lot of those "fish". So, for the last 3 months I have steered clear of the sea and retired (Brett Favre style) from fishing. It's actually kind of nice for the time being, regardless of what a few of my friends/acquaintances responses have been when I told them. "But the holidays are coming up! Don't you want a boyfriend during Christmas and New Years?" or "Why not wait till after the holidays? Wont you be lonely? " and the best of all "But if you date someone over the holidays you'll get a Christmas present and you'll have someone to kiss at midnight on New Years Eve. Don't you want that?". The thing is, as much as I know they just want me to be happy and have someone to share the holidays with, they can't seem to understand that I'm perfectly happy being single. Yes, you read that correctly but feel free to re-read that last line if you didn't comprehend it the first time. It's not that I don't want those things or someone special in my life, but I am not going to settle for just anyone so as not to be alone. I could list a million reasons why the single life is great, but again, trying to avoid a novel-esque type blog here so I digress. Basically, I don't need a man to have a Merry Christmas and I know that if I don't have someone to kiss at midnight, 2011 is still going to be a kick ass year for me simply because: I AM AWESOME.

Weight Loss Update: Well, good news and bad news on this front kids. You see, during the 1st week of November yours truly was jogging to cross the street and wasn't paying attention to where she was placing her feet. My left foot hit a small pothole that was just deep enough and placed just so that my ankle gave way as soon as I bared weight on that leg. I heard a lovely *POP* and with that, successfully sprained my ankle. Leave it to me to only ever really NEED health insurance when I don't have it. I googled and WebMD'd the crap out of "sprained ankle treatment" and proceeded to self diagnose and treat it my self. It became swollen, bruised and ugly and I was immobile for 2 weeks. It still hasn't completely healed and honestly that ankle looks bigger than the other, but once I'm insured I'll have it checked out by a REAL doctor. (Yes, I promise). Anyway, after being immobile for those 2 weeks it took 2 more weeks of just walking before I was brave enough to try a run. It went okay, but I'm not ready for any races just yet. One would think that spending roughly 6 weeks without any kind of real, meaningful exercise would cause one to gain weight, right? Well not this girl. Somehow, between not exercising and being WAY of plan (I have been a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad WWer) I have still managed to maintain the same weight!(Side Note: I hit my one year of maintaining the same weight the very week I sprained my ankle. I'm still not at goal, but I will get there.) I'm considering this miracle a gift from God in exchange for everything else that isn't going my way. Hey, He kinda owes me.

So other than not working, injuring myself and not exercising, I have been able to spend a lot of time with my family and friends. Nothing is better than watching (or crying over) football with my little brother on Sunday's or having lunch with a girlfriends or hanging out with a really cool kid while baking cookies and doing crafts. Moral of the story kids is this: even if you feel that things are as bad as they can get and nothing is going your way, there is always a silver lining. Family who loves you, friends that make you laugh and most importantly, the hope of tomorrow being better and brighter.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

2011- Prepare to be pwned.